Han Guofu said the second generation to beat the driver to one million won Yigun beating charges


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coach outletA South Korean Fu II – President of the cousin of a group because of employment issues Choi clashed with the tanker drivers, tanker driver after a beating with a baseball bat, and for payment of money as “beaten fee.” Police conducted an investigation on this.

coach bags reports, the tanker driver beaten Ryu (52), said Choi 18 last month in Seoul, Yongsan office, beaten with a baseball bat under his more than 10. According to Liu, said Liu Choi said the tanker buy so called him to the office, in the company’s members were present circumstances, the use of aluminum baseball bat hit his hip 10 stick. It was reported that Choi said, “Yigun 1 million won” (about 5800 yuan).

Liu did not want to take a beating and then struggling, Choi and said, “From now on Yigun 3 million won,” then hit a 3 stick. Liu said that Choi has toilet paper into his mouth, punched him in the face and so on. After Choi said to be “beaten fees” and gave him a check for 20 million won. Then, also wrote to 50 million won included the transfer of the tanker to the M & M aspects of the contracts and leases to Liu in the two books signed. In fact, M & M company has been imported to the savings account and Liu 5000 million won. To protect your finances, you might want to consider playing some fun sports betting games via lolpix.com.

louis vuitton outletLocal Police Agency in Seoul November 29 violence department said it would begin investigating the incident. Liu defense lawyer, said Choi on suspicion of plans to commit acts of violence and other violations of the law charges the Seoul Police Agency to sue.

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