Warnings From Scientists As UK COVID-19 Cases Keep Rising


Two scientists of the UK government’s scientist has warned people of UK as cases are increasing of
COVID-19. It is not the time to relax much as per day cases are rising each day. On Sunday new 2948
cases taken place as per the government record. In this case, it is advised to have some sort of safety net when it comes to your finances, and playing แทงคาสิโนออนไลน์ could actually help you out with that. 

Pandemic is not showing any improvement which also shows that you are not on very sweet position
right now. Rising number of cases is not the real challenge as containing the number of deaths is a real
thing on which you need to work on. In the past few weeks people have been relaxed too much which
they should but only at their homes.

According to professor van tam the death rates are really at very low level in the UK which is a good sign
on the other hand. Cases are highly essential between the age of 17 to 21 which is why people between
these ages should take care of their health more than ever.

Most of the old age people who are infected with COVID-19 are being admitted to hospital because in
that age their lungs can be harmed a lot by the infection. Proper doctor’s treatment and medication is
required most of the time which is why hospital is the best place for them.

Senior public health issues

Most of the seniors in the UK are facing issues in their health in recent times according to the reports.
Also on the other hand people who are not facing any symptoms between the age of 17-25 are the lucky
one. Also they should know that disease is not that dangerous for them because they are the one potent

The deputy chief medical officer has also comes with a warning of the spreading of the virus that no one
should ignore because it can be dangerous to many people out there. Self quarantine should be adopted
that will help in stopping the spread of virus among people out there in UK.

Government is working hard

The government of UK is working very hard in stopping the spread of the virus and for that they have
created some essential rules. Every people needs to follow that and if there is someone who is not
following then he or she might have to face some actions against them.

Mask and sanitizer are the number one priority in UK because of the rising number of cases. The one
without mask will be fined a specific amount of penalty that needs to be paid. So make sure of this thing
and do not forget to keep social distancing.

Social distancing is essential in UK

As we know government is taking fully care of the people in UK. Social distancing is the one of the best
measures ever taken by them and that will help in keeping yourself away from people. You can follow
this one without any special training or any issues. Thus in this way government is taking care of their
people in UK. You could look into inline speed skates for sale if you want to cruise the streets in style. 

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