On Twitter U.S Companies Encourages Workers To Vote


As we know that in this pandemic situation the polling locations has been reduced and voters needs to
stand in the line for longer duration as compared to the earlier past days. If we talk about Georgia to
Wisconsin to Ohio earlier this year there are many voters who need to wait in long queues. To make sure you have a steady flow of income, you might want to consider playing บาคาร่า online.

Elections are on its way as November 3 is the date finalized for election. There are tons of U.S.
companies those who are encouraging their workers in order to vote in these elections. Workers who
are working in getting the ballot boxes are being paid by twitter and apple. Most of the big companies
like Starbucks and The Gap’s Old Navy are also persuading their own staff to vote.

Voting is essential everywhere and so do U.S. which is why almost 800 companies including nike,
healthcare and much other are giving few hours off to their employees. It is only so that they can vote
instead of wasting time out there. They are working on this restlessly which is really a good thing.

Chief executive Kevin of Starbucks has announced that people can easily work with the managers. Now
this can only be done when they can only head to polls.

Black voter concern

As we know that barriers exist between black and brown communities and also on the other hand
Starbucks urges its over 200,000 U.S. employees for the registration as a voter. It can be done via app
they said to almost all of their employees in the U.S.
Now because of the racism most of the voting polls require protection and greater access to the polling
station. Johnson also demands a request in an internal memo and in that he said that no one will have
to face issues in choosing their working shift or to vote.

How employees secured themselves?

The rule has been established that workers will be paid up to two hours while voting but for that they
need to give an advance notice. On the other hand in Alabama workers get only one hour of unpaid
time. Voting is important for all people whether they are employees or not.
Due to pandemic most of the voters are rejecting to vote which is why most of the third voters are
expected to do it by mail or vote early for the fear of crowd.

What about fraud concern?

President Donald Trump is always against of voting by mail because of the fraud concern. Most of the
people vote twice as first by mail and second by voting in person which directly results in lots of
confusion and that is why president trump is not in the favor of voting through mail.

Almost half of the voters faces issues while voting in the U.S. and which is why most of the companies
offers flexible hours to the workers so that they can easily vote. If any employee needs extra time then
he or she can talk to their manager.

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