9 Things People Wish They Knew Before Having a Destination Wedding


Some of the most popular places for destination wedding ceremonies include Hawaii, Las Vegas, Bali, Mexico City, The Maldives, and, possibly, your own small slice of paradise. Destination weddings have been very popular over the past decade, and it was no wonder why. They’re exotic, they are romantic, they are unique… and on top of that, they are different. Each wedding has its own flavor, its own style, so getting married in a unique place will make your ceremony unique and memorable.

Lots of people choose the Caribbean, or Central America, for destination weddings since they offer a wide variety of warm, tropical weather. Some brides are amazingly daring and plan their weddings on the beach or in the mountains. Others prefer the serenity of tropical resorts. There are hotels everywhere with amazing views and fantastic amenities.

If you decide to plan your wedding at a destination hotel, make sure to hire a knowledgeable and creative destination wedding planner who will help you create an unforgettable experience your guests will never forget. Most planners can handle a large volume of weddings, so make certain to ask about their experience and credentials before hiring someone to plan your event. A good planner will not mind answering questions regarding background and experience, provided that you let them know upfront what you want to happen at your ceremony.

For couples who do plan their weddings in a destination wedding location but would rather spend their service somewhere else, there are loads of options. Besides the many beautiful resorts, some cities have their own little, quaint downtown districts where couples can get married. St. Thomas and St. George are two popular destination wedding destinations in the Virgin Islands. In addition to a beautiful ceremony, these cities offer a wealth of nightlife and shopping experiences that will delight any couple.

After choosing a destination wedding location, it is time to choose a wedding venue. Most hotels offer wedding planners who can assist you with all of your needs. A wedding planner can coordinate all facets of your ceremony and reception, including invitations, food, music, photographs, gifts for groomsmen, and honeymoon suites. Choose a hotel that offers the package that is appropriate for your guests, like a present package or a pre-wedding cruise package. You can also find out if certain actions, like a scavenger hunt, are contained in the bundle.

Planning destination weddings can be a superb experience. Be sure to give yourself lots of time to research all your options. Once you’ve chosen the state or city that you’d like to get married in, be sure to see the city or state beforehand and meet with the local wedding planner. Most couples plan their weddings for one to three years beforehand, so take that into account when you’re making your decisions. And, most importantly, have fun!

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