What is Interpol?


The International Criminal Police Organization is also known as Interpol. It is a global agency that facilitates criminal investigation and international law enforcement. Its main function, which includes the exchange of information regarding wanted persons, is to coordinate international police cooperation. Interpol was founded in 1979 and has assisted police departments all over the world in exchanging vital intelligence data, as well as in the capture of criminals. However, Interpol is not the same as the border police.

INTERPOL Red Notice Cases in Dubai

A country must have its law enforcement units in order to be recognized as part of the international police organization. In most countries, the United States included, there are three levels of law enforcement officers currently: federal, regional, and national. Each country’s constitution determines the role of these officers. The federal Interpol office was established in cooperation with the American government to serve as a coordinating body for American authorities who wish to intercede on behalf of any American who has become a victim of crime anywhere in the world.

Every year, Interpol receives thousands of requests for notifications of arrests from foreign governments. Some of these requests pertain to wanted individuals who may be wanted on criminal charges in the United States. Many of these requests concern individuals wanted for immigration violations. Interpol receives inquiries from member countries as well as from other countries seeking information on wanted persons who have fled or are wanted in connection with immigration violations within their country borders. You can visit the Interpol website if you believe you may have been a victim of crime committed in another state or country.

Interpol is sometimes able to provide more detailed information than red notices and arrest warrants. Red notices and arrest warrants are normally issued by the local police department. An example is the INTERPOL Red Notice Cases in Dubai. Searching the Interpol state site will enable members of the international agency to locate, notify and help law enforcement authorities in locating and apprehending people wanted in connection with immigration violations in America. You can search Interpol member states, such the United States, to determine if a warrant is issued for you.

The goal of Interpol is to fight the worldwide fight against organized crime. Interpol acts as an interlocutory body for member countries when laws are being violated. Through Interpol Red Notice procedures, the agency can warn international police agencies that a wanted individual has been reported missing or may be arrested. Interpol Red Notice program members are authorized to issue red notifications to wanted people who are not in the Interpol database. In some instances, you may be able to access Interpol red notice information through Interpol’s website.

Interpol might not be able, in some cases, to locate and identify missing persons. Interpol may not be able to assist you in finding and arresting missing persons if the name and address of the person you are searching for is not publicly available or if it is impossible to verify the identity or location of that person. If you believe that you may be in possession of Interpol Red Notice, contact the nearest Police Department. Interpol may issue Interpol Red Notices in some cases for wanted persons who fail to report to them.

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