The Trouble You Have is You THINK You Have Time – Real Estate Coaching Tip


Procrastination…..who hasn’t said, “Ya know, I am going to put that off for a little while. I have PLENTY of time I’ll watch one more movie at“. Time is an element we all have, but every minute….every second…our time here on Earth goes down a little more. Time waits for no man. I write this today because I, too tend to procrastinate. There is always something that I feel can be put off until tomorrow. I always have memories of Nickelback’s video where everyone has an alloted amount of time here on Earth. Watch this video above in it’s entirety. Notice the numbers above their heads throughout the video. That is time. What we do with time is our choice. We can put off stuff any time we want, but we will never recapture time. Time waits for no man. The trouble is we Think we have time….

Do you have affairs in order in your personal life? Your business? Your spiritual life? When was the last time you went to your kids, wife or husband or even friends and said, “You know….I love you”. How many times have you walked out your door after a disagreement and not said goodbye and I love you to a family member? The sad thing is, we my never see them again. Things happen. Are you right and at peace with folks in your life right now? Or are you in discord?

Here is the #1 thing to stop procrastinating right now in your life……

Go find someone you care about….right now….if you have no one around you, go find your pet. If you have no pet, hug yourself. Hug them an tell them how you feel and that you love them. When you walk out the door today, you may never have another chance. Young (and old) people die too soon for reasons that do not make sense. Car wrecks, domestic abuse, unknown heart disease, strokes, freak accidents…..we never know what will happen. Why take the chance? Procrastinate, and you may never have the chance again. Make peace with those who did you wrong, or maybe who YOU did wrong. This is a healing process that will carry over into other areas in your life. Don’t procrastinate. You owe it to yourself and others.

How is your business? Do you procrastinate on getting ads written? Do you procrastinate on calling your sphere of influence or inner circle of clients? The scary truth is that the National Association of Realtors has shown that within two years, 80% of home buyers or sellers actually forget who their Realtor even was, and cannot name their name! The reason why is that we as agents forget our most valuable asset in our business as soon as the door of the closing room hits our rea end and we walk to the car with our commission check. We forget the relationship we worked hard to make. We procrastinate in building relationships because we are “too busy”. We put off that phone call. We ignore our clients who WANT the relationship with us. What happens is in our neglect of our relationship with our client, someone else steps in (normally what happens in neglectful relationships) and “loves them more” than we do. The end result is that four or five years later, we are on the MLS and we recognize a past home we sold. “I cannot believe they didn’t call me to list their home”, we say. We blame it on them and our past client’s inconsideration of not using us. The problem is WE are the problem. WE did not nurture and cultivate the relationship. Somebody (another agent) loved them more than us and they took over. It ain’t the clients fault….it is ours.

Who are you going to call or hug today?

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