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I was catching up on some reading last night, checking out some of the latest real estate industry news from RIS Media and a few other real estate blogs when I noticed my name in the headline of one of the articles. I was pleased to see that the work we have been doing here at Real Estate Toolbox University is starting to receive national recognition. In case you haven’t heard of RIS Media, they are the largest source of real estate industry and real estate marketing news in the country. They printed a press release outlining the details of our latest acquisition of which is really gaining a lot of national recognition in addition to this latest printing in RIS Media.

Hutchinson, KS (PRWeb) November 30, 2006 — The Brian Rodgers Companies Continues its Quest to Carve out a big Chunk of the Real Estate Training and Education Market with the Acquisition of Sane Marketing.

“He warned me that this was going to be a really busy season for us,” states Corporate Marketing Director Tim Centner, in reference to Brian Rodgers, the company’s CEO. “Since we started the ball rolling with the Real Estate Toolbox University earlier this year, it just continues to snowball, I’ve gotten kind of numb with it all….it’s getting hard to surprise me at this point…I think.” Chuckles Centner.

Brian chimes in, “Well in my defense I did tell him I was going to keep doing this kind of thing. I’m completely dedicated to building the largest online set of resources and educational materials that I can to further the aspirations of all of our current and future students. The acquisition of Wanda Loskot’s Sane was just the latest company that I thought would be an amazing additional asset to us.” He says.

“I look out there every day and see all the choices that face real estate professionals, changing markets, websites, call capture systems, lead capture pages, listing pages, car signs, advertising and marketing….the list is almost endless. To me it’s insanity. Unless of course, you have a system in place to manage all those different aspects. That’s what the Real Estate Toolbox University provides, and I thought that my new Sane Marketing Manifesto would be a great way for those hungry for some order in all the chaos to get started.” Brian says. “Plus, getting started costs literally nothing. I want real estate professionals to really ‘get it’ so the Manifesto is free for the downloading at, and to be honest, they’re going like hotcakes, so if you’re in the business, go on over and get your copy.” Continues Rodgers.

“It’s really interesting how big this thing is getting. We’re going to get really close to maxing out our membership sometime early in the new year if our pace of growth keeps up. I originally only wanted 2000 additional students in our membership, and I plan to stick by that, but at this rate I might have to devise some other way to help out all the other real estate professionals who are literally waiting in line for a spot.” Finishes Brian.

The Real Estate Toolbox University is the brainchild of Brian Rodgers. The University is comprised of a suite of tools and strategies designed specifically for Real Estate Professionals, no matter what their current business level, to empower them to take control of their business for truly phenomenal success. The University opened its doors in 2006 building on Brian’s personal success in the industry spanning over 13 years.

Brian Rodgers is a nationally known Realtor and respected Real Estate Marketing trainer. Brian’s philosophy of empowering Realtors to generate and maintain their own leads has allowed him to personally sell in the multiple millions of dollars in his own company and provide the industry with many great tools to help other Real Estate Professionals to do the same.

The Brian Rodgers Companies specialize in training and marketing systems that are tailor made for Real Estate Professionals and geared toward independent lead generation and retention.

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