Coronavirus: Extended Lockdown Restricitons In Some UK Cities


Some cities in UK like Scotland now have to face extended lockdown and over there almost 1.1 million
people have to follow it for their own safety. According to the reports it is not extended fully to the
Scotland but mainly on the west side of it. In times like this, it is ideal to have some sort of financial back up, and playing 해외배팅사이트 online could actually help us out. 

There are two main places which is Renfrewshire and East Dunbartonshire where lockdown has been
imposed right by midnight because of the topmost main reason which is rising in the positive cases. Also
rules have been reimposed in Glasgow city, west Dunbartonshire and East Renfrewshire in the past days.

Nicola Sturgeon who was the first minister has said that you should act quickly can stem the tide of
transmission so make sure of this thing. Also she has warned that numbers might rise to very great
extent and every citizen should consider this thing in mind.

There are many rules has been made by keeping the rising number in mind as people has been told not
to invite or let other people in your own homes. Also you should not visit any other person’s home. It
does not matter whether you are using considering safety measures or not but you should not do leave
your house no matter what.

Which places are still permitted?

Most of the places are not permitted but there are some like pubs, restaurants and other outdoor areas
are still permitted. Scottish government has said that in the upcoming day hospitality sector will be
monitored and that will let you know whether the restrictions should be extended or not. Sports centers are said to open soon as well so be ready to rock your sports gear like when you go out and play.

It is not an easy task to say that whether fresh lockdown had any effect on cases or not as said by Ms
Sturgeon. Most of the people focus on household meetings that driving the transmission value up to
greater extent. So this needs to be reduced and that can be done by the help of rules.

Help from local authorities

Ms. Sturgeon asked local authorities to monitor hospitality as people should behave or take care of
other things for their own as well as the safety of other people. People would not resist themselves from
moving towards bars or other restaurants so they should make sure of safety measures.

If any person is admitted to the hospitals then there should be restrictions in visiting them. Essentials
should be the only one to visit them which will help in containing the virus from spreading among

Measures are extended to each and every people

All the restrictions and measures are extended to each and every people out there for their own
welfare. It is a quick act by the government for saving welfare of the society and also it would help in
reducing the spread of COVID-19 virus among people in the city.

It might reduce per day positive cases number or cases in a week and government also taking strict
actions against those who are violating the rules and norms of the city.

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