Antibody Tests Still Cannot Fulfill Bold Hopes Of U.S. Citizens


As we now that the impact of COVID-19 has affected tons of U.S. people and President Donald Trump
and his top health advisers trumpeted got a new test which works like a magic. The test will help in
reclaim the lives of Americans. In this trying time, it is vital for us to get the essential vitamins and minerals to boost our immune system – and we can get all those at at a very competitive price.

This test is the one that can let Americans know that if they already have the virus and how much they
are protected from getting it again. It would help the Americans to live their life without any stress on
mind. They can go back to work without getting infected again from the COVID-19 virus.

Also test shows how wonderful immunity does Americans have and this point has been repeated in daily
briefings last April. On the other hand results of the test are not that useful and still needs to be
materialized. Most of the Americans dreamt about having a magical test on their body which will be
going to let them know about their immunity system.

In the test blood is been test off which makes the body to fight with the infection. Also scientists are
working to figure out that if antibodies can be injected into third person’s body. It might protect others
from the virus but still it needs to be tested as results are not that promising.

Does immunity last longer?

Most of the early studies has suggested that any immunity fades faster but on the other hand many
researchers has proved that antibodies last for four months. It means if a virus has already passed
through a body then that body will not come in contact with the COVID-19 in four months.

Centers for disease control and prevention in U.S. has warned that antibodies tests should not be used
to confirm that workers can get back to work or not. There are some labs those still promotes this for
the offices or students to go to school if they pass in antibodies test.

Immunity does not depend on antibodies test

In the U.S. people are thinking that their immunity plays a vital role in antibodies test but they are
wrong. It can mislead or misguide the Americans and thus they can easily come in the contact of the
COVID-19 again without even letting them know and that might be more dangerous than before.

There are many other tests too like standard nasal swab test which is completely different then
antibody. In this blood sample is collected from the tip of finger and used to detect if there is any past
infection or any on-going infection in the body.

No proof for protection

Antibodies tests does not show any proof which means you cannot completely rely on the test that you
are secure enough. Scientists are working hard to get that proof and for that they started running their
first experiment on the animals. Human trials can take much longer time than expected.
Researchers needs to track people who has been infected before and now living a life.

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